Vicker's turret is the basic turret that is most often used. It is kind of weak but it is also cheap as well, It is the tower you will mostly get to start out with. It is a good zombie killing machine and basicly it is one of the best turret to have on your field. Vicker's turret will get strong as you upgrade it to higher tiers, the final upgrade is the thundercat gigashot which cost 500 SAS money. The thundercat gigashot is a big turret with many barrels that fires at a single target, very poweful and can wipeout lots of shadows, bloaters, and mamushkas. With four of these, they can take out devastator faster and deal massive damage to the ruin.

Tier 1 upgrades: Vickers MK2 - $225

Advanced optics - $150

Tier 2 upgrades: Intelligent robotics auto turret - $600

Heavy barrel - $200

Tier 3 upgrades: Area denial weapon systems - $1500

Armour - $500

Tier 4 upgrades: Zeus exclusion zone 4x - $3500

Self-repair - $1500

Special upgrade: Thundercat gigashot - $25000 (cost 500 SAS dollars)


A Gigashot firing.