Moldova Village

The Moldova Village lobby

Whenever a player would try to join a singleplayer or multiplayer match during the closed beta, a map named Moldova Village would load up then change to either Black Isle or Verdammtenstadt. Jonathan, a developer at Ninja Kiwi stated this;

"It doesn't exist - it's some text that got typed in as the default for the map name. Once the real map loads, it's replaced with the actual name."

"Last year we were attacked by some hackers. Luckily we dealt with it, and there was very little harm done, but it was quite a shock. The attacks seemed to come from computers in Moldova, although we didn't really think that the hackers were actually in Moldova. They probably just used Moldovan computers remotely. Who knows. So we shouldn't really have left that text in. But since we didn't know the real identity of the hackers, we called them Moldovans."